trailhead communications llc - begin hereIs your message reaching your served community (I.e., your members and/or the recipients of your services)? Do those constituents understand your mission….and what that mission means for them?

Does your external messaging strategy (and actual implementation) support, and effectively drive home the importance of your mission?

Are your donors informed….and motivated to give, and to give again?

In short, are all of your organization’s stakeholders informed…..and passionate about/receptive to what you are trying to accomplish? If not, perhaps we can help. With years of experience in communications, we understand the power of an effective conversation. In partnership with your key people, we’ll develop a comprehensive and effective communications strategy for your non-profit….and then we’ll help you roll it out.

Services for membership-centric non-profit organizations, such as:

    • Online newsletters that are timely and informative
    • Networking events that connect current members….and introduce your non-profit to potential new members
    • Weekly online (or on-site) presentations introducing/updating important projects and goals
    • Development of messaging strategies and programs for targeted donor audiences

Services for recipient-centric non-profit organizations, such as:

    • Outreach programs that effectively communicate with those in need of your services
    • Communications programs to keep all of your stakeholders informed, involved….and motivated
    • Communications strategies that raise (and maintain) your visibility in the communities you serve

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