TrailHead Communications signDo your employees really know what’s going on in your company? Are they informed, on board….and effectively moving and motivated toward your goals?

Do your external business partners really understand the near and long term strategies of your company? Is your vision for your company solidly defined….and clearly articulated?

Do your shareholders receive clear, concise and ongoing messaging as to how their investments are being leveraged by your executive team…and, more importantly, do they “get” how your strategies and decisions will specifically pay off for them?

In short, are all of the stakeholders in your company optimally informed, fully on-board…..and effectively moving in the same direction? If not, perhaps we can help. With years of experience in communications, we understand the power of an effective conversation. In partnership with your key people, we’ll develop a comprehensive and effective communications strategy for your company….and then we’ll help you roll it out.

Specific programs could include, for example:

**  Human Resources “brown bag” luncheon seminars addressing important topics of interest to employees. Such as:

    • Healthcare plans — Changes and Choices
    • Career Planning Strategies for Personal Growth and Advancement

** Company Policy Seminars/Presentations, addressing topics which are important for the company to convey to its employees. Such as:

    • Email, Internet and Social Media Policies
    • Protection of Intellectual Property — Importance of & Every Day Best Practices

** Senior Management Presentations, addressing topics of strategic importance. Such as:

    • Re-Organizations — Strategy and Structure
    • Strategic Framework of the Company — Markets, Products & Services
    • Internal Quarterly “State of the Company” Reviews
    • Investor/Shareholder Reviews/Presentations/Materials

**  Monthly (Stakeholder Specific) Newsletters, for example featuring:

    • Focused, timely and informative articles of interest
    • Company Activities and Events
    • Personal Profiles of Notable Employees
    • Success Stories

**  Media Programs: Press Releases, Company Backgrounders, Key Executive Profiles

How may we help you communicate your message?